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Convert images into EPS or PDF files. More information:

  • Convert an image to PDF (Note: Specifying an output filename is optional):

a2ping {{path/to/image.ext}} {{path/to/output.pdf}}

  • Compress the document using the specified method:

a2ping --nocompress {{none|zip|best|flate}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Scan HiResBoundingBox if present (defaults to yes):

a2ping --nohires {{path/to/file}}

  • Allow page content below and left of the origin (defaults to no):

a2ping --below {{path/to/file}}

  • Pass extra arguments to gs:

a2ping --gsextra {{arguments}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Pass extra arguments to external program (i.e pdftops):

a2ping --extra {{arguments}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Display help:

a2ping -h