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A search tool like grep, optimized for developers. See also: rg, which is much faster. More information:

  • Search for files containing a string or regular expression in the current directory recursively:

ack "{{search_pattern}}"

  • Search for a case-insensitive pattern:

ack --ignore-case "{{search_pattern}}"

  • Search for lines matching a pattern, printing [o]nly the matched text and not the rest of the line:

ack -o "{{search_pattern}}"

  • Limit search to files of a specific type:

ack --type {{ruby}} "{{search_pattern}}"

  • Do not search in files of a specific type:

ack --type no{{ruby}} "{{search_pattern}}"

  • Count the total number of matches found:

ack --count --no-filename "{{search_pattern}}"

  • Print the file names and the number of matches for each file only:

ack --count --files-with-matches "{{search_pattern}}"

  • List all the values that can be used with --type:

ack --help-types