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Dump a log of system messages. More information:

  • Display system logs:

adb logcat

  • Display lines that match a regular expression:

adb logcat -e {{regular_expression}}

  • Display logs for a tag in a specific mode ([V]erbose, [D]ebug, [I]nfo, [W]arning, [E]rror, [F]atal, [S]ilent), filtering other tags:

adb logcat {{tag}}:{{mode}} *:S

  • Display logs for React Native applications in [V]erbose mode [S]ilencing other tags:

adb logcat ReactNative:V ReactNativeJS:V *:S

  • Display logs for all tags with priority level [W]arning and higher:

adb logcat *:W

  • Color the log (usually use with filters):

adb logcat -v color