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adb shell

Android Debug Bridge Shell: Run remote shell commands on an Android emulator instance or connected Android devices. More information:

  • Start a remote interactive shell on the emulator/device:

adb shell

  • Get all the properties from emulator or device:

adb shell getprop

  • Revert all runtime permissions to their default:

adb shell pm reset-permissions

  • Revoke a dangerous permission for an application:

adb shell pm revoke {{package}} {{permission}}

  • Trigger a key event:

adb shell input keyevent {{keycode}}

  • Clear the data of an application on an emulator or device:

adb shell pm clear {{package}}

  • Start an activity on emulator/device:

adb shell am start -n {{package}}/{{activity}}

  • Start the home activity on an emulator or device:

adb shell am start -W -c android.intent.category.HOME -a android.intent.action.MAIN