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Android Debug Bridge: communicate with an Android emulator instance or connected Android devices. Some subcommands such as adb shell have their own usage documentation. More information:

  • Check whether the adb server process is running and start it:

adb start-server

  • Terminate the adb server process:

adb kill-server

  • Start a remote shell in the target emulator/device instance:

adb shell

  • Push an Android application to an emulator/device:

adb install -r {{path/to/file.apk}}

  • Copy a file/directory from the target device:

adb pull {{path/to/device_file_or_directory}} {{path/to/local_destination_directory}}

  • Copy a file/directory to the target device:

adb push {{path/to/local_file_or_directory}} {{path/to/device_destination_directory}}

  • List all connected devices:

adb devices