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Compiler for Adscript files. More information:

  • Compile a file to an object file:

adscript --output {{path/to/file.o}} {{path/to/input_file.adscript}}

  • Compile and link a file to a standalone executable:

adscript --executable --output {{path/to/file}} {{path/to/input_file.adscript}}

  • Compile a file to LLVM IR instead of native machine code:

adscript --llvm-ir --output {{path/to/file.ll}} {{path/to/input_file.adscript}}

  • Cross-compile a file to an object file for a foreign CPU architecture or operating system:

adscript --target-triple {{i386-linux-elf}} --output {{path/to/file.o}} {{path/to/input_file.adscript}}