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The Silver Searcher. Like ack, but aims to be faster. More information:

  • Find files containing "foo", and print the line matches in context:

ag {{foo}}

  • Find files containing "foo" in a specific directory:

ag {{foo}} {{path/to/directory}}

  • Find files containing "foo", but only [l]ist the filenames:

ag -l {{foo}}

  • Find files containing "FOO" case-[i]nsensitively, and print [o]nly the match, rather than the whole line:

ag -i -o {{FOO}}

  • Find "foo" in files with a name matching "bar":

ag {{foo}} -G {{bar}}

  • Find files whose contents match a regular expression:

ag '{{^ba(r|z)$}}'

  • Find files with a name matching "foo":

ag -g {{foo}}