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A simple, modern and secure file encryption tool. See age-keygen for how to generate key pairs. More information:

  • Generate an encrypted file that can be decrypted with a passphrase:

age --passphrase --output {{path/to/encrypted_file}} {{path/to/unencrypted_file}}

  • Encrypt a file with one or more public keys entered as literals (repeat the --recipient flag to specify multiple public keys):

age --recipient {{public_key}} --output {{path/to/encrypted_file}} {{path/to/unencrypted_file}}

  • Encrypt a file to one or more recipients with their public keys specified in a file (one per line):

age --recipients-file {{path/to/recipients_file}} --output {{path/to/encrypted_file}} {{path/to/unencrypted_file}}

  • Decrypt a file with a passphrase:

age --decrypt --output {{path/to/decrypted_file}} {{path/to/encrypted_file}}

  • Decrypt a file with a private key file:

age --decrypt --identity {{path/to/private_key_file}} --output {{path/to/decrypted_file}} {{path/to/encrypted_file}}