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amass enum

Find subdomains of a domain. More information:

  • Find (passively) subdomains of a [d]omain:

amass enum -d {{domain_name}}

  • Find subdomains of a [d]omain and actively verify them attempting to resolve the found subdomains:

amass enum -active -d {{domain_name}} -p {{80,443,8080}}

  • Do a brute force search for sub[d]omains:

amass enum -brute -d {{domain_name}}

  • Save the results to a text file:

amass enum -o {{output_file}} -d {{domain_name}}

  • Save terminal output to a file and other detailed output to a directory:

amass enum -o {{output_file}} -dir {{path/to/directory}} -d {{domain_name}}

  • List all available data sources:

amass enum -list