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Create, modify, and extract from Unix archives. Typically used for static libraries (.a) and Debian packages (.deb). See also: tar. More information:

  • E[x]tract all members from an archive:

ar x {{path/to/file.a}}

  • Lis[t] contents in a specific archive:

ar t {{path/to/}}

  • [r]eplace or add specific files to an archive:

ar r {{path/to/file.deb}} {{path/to/debian-binary path/to/control.tar.gz path/to/data.tar.xz ...}}

  • In[s]ert an object file index (equivalent to using ranlib):

ar s {{path/to/file.a}}

  • Create an archive with specific files and an accompanying object file index:

ar rs {{path/to/file.a}} {{path/to/file1.o path/to/file2.o ...}}