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Arduino Studio - Integrated Development Environment for the Arduino platform. More information:

  • Build a sketch:

arduino --verify {{path/to/file.ino}}

  • Build and upload a sketch:

arduino --upload {{path/to/file.ino}}

  • Build and upload a sketch to an Arduino Nano with an Atmega328p CPU, connected on port /dev/ttyACM0:

arduino --board {{arduino:avr:nano:cpu=atmega328p}} --port {{/dev/ttyACM0}} --upload {{path/to/file.ino}}

  • Set the preference name to a given value:

arduino --pref {{name}}={{value}}

  • Build a sketch, put the build results in the build directory, and reuse any previous build results in that directory:

arduino --pref build.path={{path/to/build_directory}} --verify {{path/to/file.ino}}

  • Save any (changed) preferences to preferences.txt:

arduino --save-prefs

  • Install the latest SAM board:

arduino --install-boards "{{arduino:sam}}"

  • Install Bridge and Servo libraries:

arduino --install-library "{{Bridge:1.0.0,Servo:1.2.0}}"