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argocd app

Command-line interface to manage applications by Argo CD. More information:

  • List applications:

argocd app list --output {{json|yaml|wide}}

  • Get application details:

argocd app get {{app_name}} --output {{json|yaml|wide}}

  • Deploy application internally (to the same cluster that Argo CD is running in):

argocd app create {{app_name}} --repo {{git_repo_url}} --path {{path/to/repo}} --dest-server https://kubernetes.default.svc --dest-namespace {{ns}}

  • Delete an application:

argocd app delete {{app_name}}

  • Enable application auto-sync:

argocd app set {{app_name}} --sync-policy auto --auto-prune --self-heal

  • Preview app synchronization without affecting cluster:

argocd app sync {{app_name}} --dry-run --prune

  • Show application deployment history:

argocd app history {{app_name}} --output {{wide|id}}

  • Rollback application to a previous deployed version by history ID (deleting unexpected resources):

argocd app rollback {{app_name}} {{history_id}} --prune