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Fast download utility. Supports HTTP(S), FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. More information:

  • Download a specific URI to a file:

aria2c "{{url}}"

  • Download a file from a URI with a specific output name:

aria2c --out={{path/to/file}} "{{url}}"

  • Download multiple different files in parallel:

aria2c --force-sequential {{false}} "{{url1 url2 ...}}"

  • Download from multiple sources with each URI pointing to the same file:

aria2c "{{url1 url2 ...}}"

  • Download the URIs listed in a file with a specific number of parallel downloads:

aria2c --input-file={{path/to/file}} --max-concurrent-downloads={{number_of_downloads}}

  • Download with multiple connections:

aria2c --split={{number_of_connections}} "{{url}}"

  • FTP download with username and password:

aria2c --ftp-user={{username}} --ftp-passwd={{password}} "{{url}}"

  • Limit download speed in bytes/s:

aria2c --max-download-limit={{speed}} "{{url}}"