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Record and replay terminal sessions, and optionally share them on More information:

  • Associate the local install of asciinema with an account:

asciinema auth

  • Make a new recording (once finished, user will be prompted to upload it or save it locally):

asciinema rec

  • Make a new recording and save it to a local file:

asciinema rec {{path/to/file}}.cast

  • Replay a terminal recording from a local file:

asciinema play {{path/to/file}}.cast

  • Replay a terminal recording hosted on

asciinema play{{cast_id}}

  • Make a new recording, limiting any idle time to at most 2.5 seconds:

asciinema rec -i {{2.5}}

  • Print the full output of a locally saved recording:

asciinema cat {{path/to/file}}.cast

  • Upload a locally saved terminal session to

asciinema upload {{path/to/file}}.cast