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An open-source audio player. Indirectly based on XMMS. See also: clementine, mpc, ncmpcpp. More information:

  • Launch the GUI:


  • Start a new instance and play an audio:

audacious --new-instance {{path/to/audio}}

  • Enqueue a specific directory of audio files:

audacious --enqueue {{path/to/directory}}

  • Start or stop playback:

audacious --play-pause

  • Skip forwards ([fwd]) or backwards ([rew]) in the playlist:

audacious --{{fwd|rew}}

  • Stop playback:

audacious --stop

  • Start in CLI mode (headless):

audacious --headless

  • Exit as soon as playback stops or there is nothing to playback:

audacious --quit-after-play