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aws cloudwatch

Monitor AWS resources to gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health. More information:

  • List dashboards for your account:

aws cloudwatch list-dashboards

  • Display details for the specified dashboard:

aws cloudwatch get-dashboard --dashboard-name {{dashboard_name}}

  • List metrics:

aws cloudwatch list-metrics

  • List alarms:

aws cloudwatch describe-alarms

  • Create or update an alarm and associate it with a metric:

aws cloudwatch put-metric-alarm --alarm-name {{alarm_name}} --evaluation-periods {{evaluation_periods}} --comparison-operator {{comparison_operator}}

  • Delete the specified alarms:

aws cloudwatch delete-alarms --alarm_names {{alarm_names}}

  • Delete the specified dashboards:

aws cloudwatch delete-dashboards --dashboard-names {{dashboard_names}}