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aws codeartifact

CLI for AWS CodeArtifact. CodeArtifact allows you to store artifacts using popular package managers and build tools like Maven, Gradle, npm, Yarn, Twine, pip, NuGet, and SwiftPM. More information:

  • List available domains for your AWS account:

aws codeartifact list-domains

  • Generate credentials for a specific package manager (e.g.: npm, pip):

aws codeartifact login --tool {{package_manager}} --domain {{your_domain}} --repository {{repository_name}}

  • Get the endpoint URL of a CodeArtifact repository:

aws codeartifact get-repository-endpoint --domain {{your_domain}} --repository {{repository_name}} --format {{npm|pypi|maven|nuget|generic}}

  • Show list of all available CodeArtifact commands:

aws codeartifact help

  • Show help for specific EC2 subcommand:

aws ec2 {{subcommand}} help