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aws ecr

Push, pull, and manage container images. More information:

  • Authenticate Docker with the default registry (username is AWS):

aws ecr get-login-password --region {{region}} | {{docker login}} --username AWS --password-stdin {{aws_account_id}}.dkr.ecr.{{region}}

  • Create a repository:

aws ecr create-repository --repository-name {{repository}} --image-scanning-configuration scanOnPush={{true|false}} --region {{region}}

  • Tag a local image for ECR:

docker tag {{container_name}}:{{tag}} {{aws_account_id}}.dkr.ecr.{{region}}{{container_name}}:{{tag}}

  • Push an image to a repository:

docker push {{aws_account_id}}.dkr.ecr.{{region}}{{container_name}}:{{tag}}

  • Pull an image from a repository:

docker pull {{aws_account_id}}.dkr.ecr.{{region}}{{container_name}}:{{tag}}

  • Delete an image from a repository:

aws ecr batch-delete-image --repository-name {{repository}} --image-ids imageTag={{latest}}

  • Delete a repository:

aws ecr delete-repository --repository-name {{repository}} --force

  • List images within a repository:

aws ecr list-images --repository-name {{repository}}