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aws kafka

Manage an Amazon MSK (Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka) cluster. See also: aws. More information:

  • Create a new MSK cluster:

aws kafka create-cluster --cluster-name {{cluster_name}} --broker-node-group-info instanceType={{instance_type}},clientSubnets={{subnet_id1 subnet_id2 ...}} --kafka-version {{version}} --number-of-broker-nodes {{number}}

  • Describe a MSK cluster:

aws kafka describe-cluster --cluster-arn {{cluster_arn}}

  • List all MSK clusters in the current region:

aws kafka list-clusters

  • Create a new MSK configuration:

aws kafka create-configuration --name {{configuration_name}} --server-properties file://{{path/to/configuration_file.txt}}

  • Describe a MSK configuration:

aws kafka describe-configuration --arn {{configuration_arn}}

  • List all MSK configurations in the current region:

aws kafka list-configurations

  • Update the MSK cluster configuration:

aws kafka update-cluster-configuration --cluster-arn {{cluster_arn}} --configuration-info arn={{configuration_arn}},revision={{configuration_revision}}

  • Delete the MSK cluster:

aws kafka delete-cluster --cluster-arn {{cluster_arn}}