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aws kinesis

Official AWS CLI for Amazon Kinesis streaming data services. More information:

  • Show all streams in the account:

aws kinesis list-streams

  • Write one record to a Kinesis stream:

aws kinesis put-record --stream-name {{name}} --partition-key {{key}} --data {{base64_encoded_message}}

  • Write a record to a Kinesis stream with inline base64 encoding:

aws kinesis put-record --stream-name {{name}} --partition-key {{key}} --data "$( echo "{{my raw message}}" | base64 )"

  • List the shards available on a stream:

aws kinesis list-shards --stream-name {{name}}

  • Get a shard iterator for reading from the oldest message in a stream's shard:

aws kinesis get-shard-iterator --shard-iterator-type TRIM_HORIZON --stream-name {{name}} --shard-id {{id}}

  • Read records from a shard, using a shard iterator:

aws kinesis get-records --shard-iterator {{iterator}}