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aws lambda

Use AWS Lambda, a compute service for running code without provisioning or managing servers. More information:

  • Run a function:

aws lambda invoke --function-name {{name}} {{path/to/response.json}}

  • Run a function with an input payload in JSON format:

aws lambda invoke --function-name {{name}} --payload {{json}} {{path/to/response.json}}

  • List functions:

aws lambda list-functions

  • Display the configuration of a function:

aws lambda get-function-configuration --function-name {{name}}

  • List function aliases:

aws lambda list-aliases --function-name {{name}}

  • Display the reserved concurrency configuration for a function:

aws lambda get-function-concurrency --function-name {{name}}

  • List which AWS services can invoke the function:

aws lambda get-policy --function-name {{name}}