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aws quicksight

Create, delete, list, search and update AWS QuickSight entities. More information:

  • List datasets:

aws quicksight list-data-sets --aws-account-id {{aws_account_id}}

  • List users:

aws quicksight list-users --aws-account-id {{aws_account_id}} --namespace default

  • List groups:

aws quicksight list-groups --aws-account-id {{aws_account_id}} --namespace default

  • List dashboards:

aws quicksight list-dashboards --aws-account-id {{aws_account_id}}

  • Display detailed information about a dataset:

aws quicksight describe-data-set --aws-account-id {{aws_account_id}} --data-set-id {{data_set_id}}

  • Display who has access to the dataset and what kind of actions they can perform on the dataset:

aws quicksight describe-data-set-permissions --aws-account-id {{aws_account_id}} --data-set-id {{data_set_id}}