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aws sns

Create topics and subscriptions, send and receive messages, and monitor events and logs for the Amazon Simple Notification Service. More information:

  • List all objects of a specific type:

aws sns list-{{origination-numbers|phone-numbers-opted-out|platform-applications|sms-sandbox-phone-numbers|subscriptions|topics}}

  • Create a topic with a specific name and show its Amazon Resource Name (ARN):

aws sns create-topic --name {{name}}

  • Subscribe an email address to the topic with a specific ARN and show the subscription ARN:

aws sns subscribe --topic-arn {{topic_ARN}} --protocol email --notification-endpoint {{email}}

  • Publish a message to a specific topic or phone number and show the message ID:

aws sns publish {{--topic-arn "arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:123456789012:topic-name"||--phone-number +1-555-555-0100}} --message file://{{path/to/file}}

  • Delete the subscription with a specific ARN from its topic:

aws sns unsubscribe --subscription-arn {{subscription_ARN}}

  • Create a platform endpoint:

aws sns create-platform-endpoint --platform-application-arn {{platform_application_ARN}} --token {{token}}

  • Add a statement to a topic's access control policy:

aws sns add-permission --topic-arn {{topic_ARN}} --label {{topic_label}} --aws-account-id {{account_id}} --action-name {{AddPermission|CreatePlatformApplication|DeleteEndpoint|GetDataProtectionPolicy|GetEndpointAttributes|Subscribe|...}}

  • Add a tag to the topic with a specific ARN:

aws sns tag-resource --resource-arn {{topic_ARN}} --tags {{Key=tag1_key Key=tag2_key,Value=tag2_value ...}}