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aws sqs

Create, delete, and send messages to queues for the AWS SQS service. More information:

  • List all availables queues:

aws sqs list-queues

  • Display the URL of a specific queue:

aws sqs get-queue-url --queue-name {{queue_name}}

  • Create a queue with specific attributes from a file in JSON format:

aws sqs create-queue --queue-name {{queue_name}} --attributes {{file://path/to/attributes_file.json}}

  • Send a specific message to a queue:

aws sqs send-message --queue-url https://sqs.{{region}}{{queue_name}} --message-body "{{message_body}}" --delay-seconds {{delay}} --message-attributes {{file://path/to/attributes_file.json}}

  • Delete the specified message from a queue:

aws sqs delete-message --queue-url {{https://queue_url}} --receipt-handle {{receipt_handle}}

  • Delete a specific queue:

aws sqs delete-queue --queue-url https://sqs.{{region}}{{queue_name}}

  • Delete all messages from the specified queue:

aws sqs purge-queue --queue-url https://sqs.{{region}}{{queue_name}}

  • Enable a specific AWS account to send messages to queue:

aws sqs add-permission --queue-url https://sqs.{{region}}{{queue_name}} --label {{permission_name}} --aws-account-ids {{account_id}} --actions SendMessage