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The official CLI tool for Amazon Web Services. Some subcommands such as aws s3 have their own usage documentation. More information:

  • Configure the AWS Command-line:

aws configure wizard

  • Configure the AWS Command-line using SSO:

aws configure sso

  • Get the caller identity (used to troubleshoot permissions):

aws sts get-caller-identity

  • List AWS resources in a region and output in YAML:

aws dynamodb list-tables --region {{us-east-1}} --output yaml

  • Use auto prompt to help with a command:

aws iam create-user --cli-auto-prompt

  • Get an interactive wizard for an AWS resource:

aws dynamodb wizard {{new_table}}

  • Generate a JSON CLI Skeleton (useful for infrastructure as code):

aws dynamodb update-table --generate-cli-skeleton

  • Display help for a specific command:

aws {{command}} help