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A collection of community contributed Bash commands and scripts for Bash 3.2+. More information:

  • Update Bash-it to the latest stable/development version:

bash-it update {{stable|dev}}

  • Reload Bash profile (set BASH_IT_AUTOMATIC_RELOAD_AFTER_CONFIG_CHANGE to non-empty value for an automatic reload):

bash-it reload

  • Restart Bash:

bash-it restart

  • Reload Bash profile with enabled error and warning logging:

bash-it doctor

  • Reload Bash profile with enabled error/warning/entire logging:

bash-it doctor {{errors|warnings|all}}

  • Search for Bash-it aliases/plugins/completions:

bash-it search {{alias|plugin|completion}}

  • Search for Bash-it aliases/plugins/completions and enable/disable all found items:

bash-it search --{{enable|disable}} {{alias|plugin|completion}}