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Decompose graphs into their biconnected components. Graphviz filters: acyclic, bcomps, comps, edgepaint, gvcolor, gvpack, mingle, nop, sccmap, tred, & unflatten. More information:

  • Decompose one or more graphs into their biconnected components:

bcomps {{path/to/input1.gv}} {{path/to/input2.gv ...}} > {{path/to/output.gv}}

  • Print the number of blocks and cutvertices in one or more graphs:

bcomps -v -s {{path/to/input1.gv}} {{path/to/input2.gv ...}}

  • Write each block and block-cutvertex tree to multiple numbered filenames based on output.gv:

bcomps -x -o {{path/to/output.gv}} {{path/to/input1.gv path/to/input2.gv ...}}

  • Display help:

bcomps -?