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brew --cask

CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries. This command was previously called brew cask, it has been deprecated in favor of the brew --cask flag. More information:

  • Search for formulas and casks:

brew search {{text}}

  • Install a cask:

brew install --cask {{cask_name}}

  • List all installed casks:

brew list --cask

  • List installed casks that have newer versions available:

brew outdated --cask

  • Upgrade an installed cask (if no cask name is given, all installed casks are upgraded):

brew upgrade --cask {{cask_name}}

  • Uninstall a cask:

brew uninstall --cask {{cask_name}}

  • Uninstall a cask and remove related settings and files:

brew zap --cask {{cask_name}}

  • Display information about a given cask:

brew info --cask {{cask_name}}