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A block-sorting file compressor. More information:

  • Compress a file:

bzip2 {{path/to/file_to_compress}}

  • [d]ecompress a file:

bzip2 -d {{path/to/compressed_file.bz2}}

  • [d]ecompress a file to stdout:

bzip2 -dc {{path/to/compressed_file.bz2}}

  • Test the integrity of each file inside the archive file:

bzip2 --test {{path/to/compressed_file.bz2}}

  • Show the compression ratio for each file processed with detailed information:

bzip2 --verbose {{path/to/compressed_files.bz2}}

  • Decompress a file overwriting existing files:

bzip2 --force {{path/to/compressed_file.bz2}}

  • Display help:

bzip2 -h