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Manage keys and certificates in both NSS databases and other NSS tokens. More information:

  • Create a [N]ew certificate database in the current [d]irectory:

certutil -N -d .

  • List all certificates in a database:

certutil -L -d .

  • List all private [K]eys in a database specifying the password [f]ile:

certutil -K -d . -f {{path/to/password_file.txt}}

  • [A]dd the signed certificate to the requesters database specifying a [n]ickname, [t]rust attributes and an [i]nput CRT file:

certutil -A -n "{{server_certificate}}" -t ",," -i {{path/to/file.crt}} -d .

  • Add subject alternative names to a given [c]ertificate with a specific key size ([g]):

certutil -S -f {{path/to/password_file.txt}} -d . -t ",," -c "{{server_certificate}}" -n "{{server_name}}" -g {{2048}} -s "CN={{common_name}},O={{organization}}"