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Open-source web browser principally developed and maintained by Google. More information:

  • Open a specific URL or file:

chromium {{|path/to/file.html}}

  • Open in incognito mode:

chromium --incognito {{}}

  • Open in a new window:

chromium --new-window {{}}

  • Open in application mode (without toolbars, URL bar, buttons, etc.):

chromium --app={{}}

  • Use a proxy server:

chromium --proxy-server="{{socks5://hostname:66}}" {{}}

  • Open with a custom profile directory:

chromium --user-data-dir={{path/to/directory}}

  • Open without CORS validation (useful to test an API):

chromium --user-data-dir={{path/to/directory}} --disable-web-security

  • Open with a DevTools window for each tab opened:

chromium --auto-open-devtools-for-tabs