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Command Line Interface Pages render. Render for a TlDr-like project with much a more extensive syntax and several render modes. More information:

  • Render specific local pages:

clip-view {{path/to/page1.clip path/to/page2.clip ...}}

  • Render specific remote pages:

clip-view {{page_name1 page_name2 ...}}

  • Render pages by a specific render:

clip-view --render {{tldr|tldr-colorful|docopt|docopt-colorful}} {{page_name1 page_name2 ...}}

  • Render pages with a specific color theme:

clip-view --theme {{path/to/local_theme.yaml|remote_theme_name}} {{page_name1 page_name2 ...}}

  • Clear a page or theme cache:

clip-view --clear-{{page|theme}}-cache

  • Display help:

clip-view --help

  • Display version:

clip-view --version