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Cross-platform build automation system, that generates recipes for native build systems. More information:

  • Generate a build recipe in the current directory with CMakeLists.txt from a project directory:

cmake {{path/to/project_directory}}

  • Generate a build recipe, with build type set to Release with CMake variable:

cmake {{path/to/project_directory}} -D {{CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release}}

  • Generate a build recipe using generator_name as the underlying build system:

cmake -G {{generator_name}} {{path/to/project_directory}}

  • Use a generated recipe in a given directory to build artifacts:

cmake --build {{path/to/build_directory}}

  • Install the build artifacts into /usr/local/ and strip debugging symbols:

cmake --install {{path/to/build_directory}} --strip

  • Install the build artifacts using the custom prefix for paths:

cmake --install {{path/to/build_directory}} --strip --prefix {{path/to/directory}}

  • Run a custom build target:

cmake --build {{path/to/build_directory}} --target {{target_name}}

  • Display help, obtain a list of generators:

cmake --help