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Spellchecker for source code. More information:

  • Check for typos in all text files in the current directory, recursively:


  • Correct all typos found in-place:

codespell --write-changes

  • Skip files with names that match the specified pattern (accepts a comma-separated list of patterns using wildcards):

codespell --skip "{{pattern}}"

  • Use a custom dictionary file when checking (--dictionary can be used multiple times):

codespell --dictionary {{path/to/file.txt}}

  • Do not check words that are listed in the specified file:

codespell --ignore-words {{path/to/file.txt}}

  • Do not check the specified words:

codespell --ignore-words-list {{ignored_word1,ignored_word2,...}}

  • Print 3 lines of context around, before or after each match:

codespell --{{context|before-context|after-context}} {{3}}

  • Check file names for typos, in addition to file contents:

codespell --check-filenames