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Convert between image formats, scale, join, and create images, and much more. Part of ImageMagick. More information:

  • Convert an image from JPG to PNG:

convert {{path/to/input_image.jpg}} {{path/to/output_image.png}}

  • Scale an image to 50% of its original size:

convert {{path/to/input_image.png}} -resize 50% {{path/to/output_image.png}}

  • Scale an image keeping the original aspect ratio to a maximum dimension of 640x480:

convert {{path/to/input_image.png}} -resize 640x480 {{path/to/output_image.png}}

  • Horizontally append images:

convert {{path/to/image1.png path/to/image2.png ...}} +append {{path/to/output_image.png}}

  • Vertically append images:

convert {{path/to/image1.png path/to/image2.png ...}} -append {{path/to/output_image.png}}

  • Create a GIF from a series of images with 100ms delay between them:

convert {{path/to/image1.png path/to/image2.png ...}} -delay {{10}} {{path/to/animation.gif}}

  • Create an image with nothing but a solid red background:

convert -size {{800x600}} "xc:{{#ff0000}}" {{path/to/image.png}}

  • Create a favicon from several images of different sizes:

convert {{path/to/image1.png path/to/image2.png ...}} {{path/to/favicon.ico}}