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Container Signing, Verification and Storage in an OCI registry. More information:

  • Generate a key-pair:

cosign generate-key-pair

  • Sign a container and store the signature in the registry:

cosign sign -key {{cosign.key}} {{image}}

  • Sign a container image with a key pair stored in a Kubernetes secret:

cosign sign -key k8s://{{namespace}}/{{key}} {{image}}

  • Sign a blob with a local key pair file:

cosign sign-blob --key {{cosign.key}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Verify a container against a public key:

cosign verify -key {{}} {{image}}

  • Verify images with a public key in a Dockerfile:

cosign dockerfile verify -key {{}} {{path/to/Dockerfile}}

  • Verify an image with a public key stored in a Kubernetes secret:

cosign verify -key k8s://{{namespace}}/{{key}} {{image}}

  • Copy a container image and its signatures:

cosign copy {{}} {{}}