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Manipulate PDF files. More information:

  • Select pages 1, 2, 3 and 6 from a source document and write those to a destination document:

cpdf {{path/to/source_document.pdf}} {{1-3,6}} -o {{path/to/destination_document.pdf}}

  • Merge two documents into a new one:

cpdf -merge {{path/to/source_document_one.pdf}} {{path/to/source_document_two.pdf}} -o {{path/to/destination_document.pdf}}

  • Show the bookmarks of a document:

cpdf -list-bookmarks {{path/to/document.pdf}}

  • Split a document into ten-page chunks, writing them to chunk001.pdf, chunk002.pdf, etc:

cpdf -split {{path/to/document.pdf}} -o {{path/to/chunk%%%.pdf}} -chunk {{10}}

  • Encrypt a document using 128bit encryption, providing fred as owner password and joe as user password:

cpdf -encrypt {{128bit}} {{fred}} {{joe}} {{path/to/source_document.pdf}} -o {{path/to/encrypted_document.pdf}}

  • Decrypt a document using the owner password fred:

cpdf -decrypt {{path/to/encrypted_document.pdf}} owner={{fred}} -o {{path/to/decrypted_document.pdf}}

  • Show the annotations of a document:

cpdf -list-annotations {{path/to/document.pdf}}

  • Create a new document from an existing one with additional metadata:

cpdf -set-metadata {{path/to/metadata.xml}} {{path/to/source_document.pdf}} -o {{path/to/destination_document.pdf}}