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A static analysis tool for C/C++ code. Instead of syntax errors, it focuses on the types of bugs that compilers normally do not detect. More information:

  • Recursively check the current directory, showing progress on the screen and logging error messages to a file:

cppcheck . 2> cppcheck.log

  • Recursively check a given directory, and don't print progress messages:

cppcheck --quiet {{path/to/directory}}

  • Check a given file, specifying which tests to perform (by default only errors are shown):

cppcheck --enable={{error|warning|style|performance|portability|information|all}} {{path/to/file.cpp}}

  • List available tests:

cppcheck --errorlist

  • Check a given file, ignoring specific tests:

cppcheck --suppress={{test_id1}} --suppress={{test_id2}} {{path/to/file.cpp}}

  • Check the current directory, providing paths for include files located outside it (e.g. external libraries):

cppcheck -I {{include/directory_1}} -I {{include/directory_2}} .

  • Check a Microsoft Visual Studio project (*.vcxproj) or solution (*.sln):

cppcheck --project={{path/to/project.sln}}