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cs fetch

Fetch fetches the JARs of dependencies. More information:

  • Fetch a specific version of a jar:

cs fetch {{group_id}}:{{artifact_id}}:{{artifact_version}}

  • Fetch a package and evaluate the classpath corresponding to the selected package in an env var:

CP="$(cs fetch --classpath org.scalameta::scalafmt-cli:latest.release)"

  • Fetch a source of a specific jar:

cs fetch --sources {{group_id}}:{{artifact_id}}:{{artifact_version}}

  • Fetch the javadoc jars:

cs fetch --javadoc {{group_id}}:{{artifact_id}}:{{artifact_version}}

  • Fetch dependency with javadoc jars and source jars:

cs fetch --default={{true}} --sources --javadoc {{group_id}}:{{artifact_id}}:{{artifact_version}}

  • Fetch jars coming from dependency files:

cs fetch {{--dependency-file path/to/file1 --dependency-file path/to/file2 ...}}