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cs install

Install an application in the installation directory onfigured when installing cs (to enable the binary to be loaded add to your .bash_profile the $ eval "$(cs install --env)" command). More information:

  • Install a specific application:

cs install {{application_name}}

  • Install a specific version of an application:

cs install {{application_name}}:{{application_version}}

  • Search an application by a specific name:

cs search {{application_partial_name}}

  • Update a specific application if available:

cs update {{application_name}}

  • Update all the installed applications:

cs update

  • Uninstall a specific application:

cs uninstall {{application_name}}

  • List all installed applications:

cs list

  • Pass specific Java options to an installed application:

{{application_name}} {{-Jjava_option_name1=value1 -Jjava_option_name2=value2 ...}}