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cs java

The java and java-home commands fetch and install JVMs. The java command runs them too. More information:

  • Call the java version by using coursier:

cs java -version

  • Call a specific java version with custom properties using coursier:

cs java --jvm {{jvm_name}}:{{jvm_version}} -Xmx32m -X{{another_jvm_opt}} -jar {{path/to/jar_name.jar}}

  • List all the available JVM in the coursier default index:

cs java --available

  • List all the installed JVM in the system with his own location:

cs java --installed

  • Set the a specific JVM as one-off "default" for the shell instance:

cs java --jvm {{jvm_name}}:{{jvm_version}} --env

  • Revert the changes for the default JVM settings:

eval "$(cs java --disable)"

  • Set a specific JVM as default for the whole system:

cs java --jvm {{jvm_name}}:{{jvm_version}} --setup