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The Microsoft C# Compiler. More information:

  • Compile one or more C# files to a CIL executable:

csc {{path/to/input_file_a.cs}} {{path/to/input_file_b.cs}}

  • Specify the output filename:

csc /out:{{path/to/filename}} {{path/to/input_file.cs}}

  • Compile into a .dll library instead of an executable:

csc /target:library {{path/to/input_file.cs}}

  • Reference another assembly:

csc /reference:{{path/to/library.dll}} {{path/to/input_file.cs}}

  • Embed a resource:

csc /resource:{{path/to/resource_file}} {{path/to/input_file.cs}}

  • Automatically generate XML documentation:

csc /doc:{{path/to/output.xml}} {{path/to/input_file.cs}}

  • Specify an icon:

csc /win32icon:{{path/to/icon.ico}} {{path/to/input_file.cs}}

  • Strongly-name the resulting assembly with a keyfile:

csc /keyfile:{{path/to/keyfile}} {{path/to/input_file.cs}}