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Test conformance of PPD files to the version 4.3 of the specification. Error codes (1, 2, 3 and 4, respectively): bad CLI arguments, unable to open file, unskippable format errors and non-conformance with PPD specification. Note: this command is deprecated. See also: lpadmin. More information:

  • Test the conformance of one or more files in quiet mode:

cupstestppd -q {{path/to/file1.ppd path/to/file2.ppd ...}}

  • Get the PPD file from stdin, showing detailed conformance testing results:

cupstestppd -v - < {{path/to/file.ppd}}

  • Test all PPD files under the current directory, printing the names of each file that does not conform:

find . -name \*.ppd \! -execdir cupstestppd -q '{}' \; -print