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Transfers data from or to a server. Supports most protocols, including HTTP, FTP, and POP3. More information:

  • Download the contents of a URL to a file:

curl {{}} --output {{path/to/file}}

  • Download a file, saving the output under the filename indicated by the URL:

curl --remote-name {{}}

  • Download a file, following location redirects, and automatically continuing (resuming) a previous file transfer and return an error on server error:

curl --fail --remote-name --location --continue-at - {{}}

  • Send form-encoded data (POST request of type application/x-www-form-urlencoded). Use --data @file_name or --data @'-' to read from STDIN:

curl --data {{'name=bob'}} {{}}

  • Send a request with an extra header, using a custom HTTP method:

curl --header {{'X-My-Header: 123'}} --request {{PUT}} {{}}

  • Send data in JSON format, specifying the appropriate content-type header:

curl --data {{'{"name":"bob"}'}} --header {{'Content-Type: application/json'}} {{}}

  • Pass a username and prompt for a password to authenticate to the server:

curl --user {{username}} {{}}

  • Pass client certificate and key for a resource, skipping certificate validation:

curl --cert {{client.pem}} --key {{key.pem}} --insecure {{}}