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Quick visualization of large datasets using CLI based on datashader. More information:

  • Create a shaded scatter plot of points and save it to a PNG file and set the background color:

datashader_cli points {{path/to/input.parquet}} --x {{pickup_x}} --y {{pickup_y}} {{path/to/output.png}} --background {{black|white|#rrggbb}}

  • Visualize the geospatial data (supports Geoparquet, shapefile, geojson, geopackage, etc.):

datashader_cli points {{path/to/input_data.geo.parquet}} {{path/to/output_data.png}} --geo true

  • Use matplotlib to render the image:

datashader_cli points {{path/to/input_data.geo.parquet}} {{path/to/output_data.png}} --geo {{true}} --matplotlib true