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Recursively detect and decode strings, supporting hex, decimal, binary, base64, URL, FromChar encodings, Caesar ciphers, and MD5, SHA1, and SHA2 hashes. Warning: uses 3rd-party web services for MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 hash lookups. For sensitive data, use -s to avoid these services. More information:

  • Recursively detect and decode a string:

dcode "{{NjM3YTQyNzQ1YTQ0NGUzMg==}}"

  • Rotate a string by the specified offset:

dcode -rot {{11}} "{{spwwz hzcwo}}"

  • Rotate a string by all 26 possible offsets:

dcode -rot {{all}} "{{bpgkta xh qtiitg iwpc sr}}"

  • Reverse a string:

dcode -rev "{{hello world}}"