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Initiates an advanced DHCP exhaustion attack and stress test. DHCPig needs to be run with root privileges. More information:

  • Exhaust all of the available DHCP addresses using the specified interface:

sudo ./ {{eth0}}

  • Exhaust IPv6 addresses using eth1 interface:

sudo ./ -6 {{eth1}}

  • Send fuzzed/malformed data packets using the interface:

sudo ./ --fuzz {{eth1}}

  • Enable color output:

sudo ./ -c {{eth1}}

  • Enable minimal verbosity and color output:

sudo ./ -c --verbosity=1 {{eth1}}

  • Use a debug verbosity of 100 and scan network of neighboring devices using ARP packets:

sudo ./ -c --verbosity=100 --neighbors-scan-arp {{eth1}}

  • Enable printing lease information, attempt to scan and release all neighbor IP addresses:

sudo ./ --neighbors-scan-arp -r --show-options {{eth1}}