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dotnet publish

Publish a .NET application and its dependencies to a directory for deployment to a hosting system. More information:

  • Compile a .NET project in release mode:

dotnet publish --configuration Release {{path/to/project_file}}

  • Publish the .NET Core runtime with your application for the specified runtime:

dotnet publish --self-contained true --runtime {{runtime_identifier}} {{path/to/project_file}}

  • Package the application into a platform-specific single-file executable:

dotnet publish --runtime {{runtime_identifier}} -p:PublishSingleFile=true {{path/to/project_file}}

  • Trim unused libraries to reduce the deployment size of an application:

dotnet publish --self-contained true --runtime {{runtime_identifier}} -p:PublishTrimmed=true {{path/to/project_file}}

  • Compile a .NET project without restoring dependencies:

dotnet publish --no-restore {{path/to/project_file}}

  • Specify the output directory:

dotnet publish --output {{path/to/directory}} {{path/to/project_file}}