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Disk Usage/Free Utility. More information:

  • List accessible devices:


  • List everything (such as pseudo, duplicate or inaccessible file systems):

duf --all

  • Only show specified devices or mount points:

duf {{path/to/directory1 path/to/directory2 ...}}

  • Sort the output by a specified criteria:

duf --sort {{size|used|avail|usage}}

  • Show or hide specific filesystems:

duf --{{only-fs|hide-fs}} {{tmpfs|vfat|ext4|xfs}}

  • Sort the output by key:

duf --sort {{mountpoint|size|used|avail|usage|inodes|inodes_used|inodes_avail|inodes_usage|type|filesystem}}

  • Change the theme (if duf fails to use the right theme):

duf --theme {{dark|light}}