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A lock-free deduplication cloud backup tool. More information:

  • Use current directory as the repository, initialize a SFTP storage and encrypt the storage with a password:

duplicacy init -e {{snapshot_id}} {{sftp://user@}}

  • Save a snapshot of the repository to the default storage:

duplicacy backup

  • List snapshots of current repository:

duplicacy list

  • Restore the repository to a previously saved snapshot:

duplicacy restore -r {{revision}}

  • Check the integrity of snapshots:

duplicacy check

  • Add another storage to be used for the existing repository:

duplicacy add {{storage_name}} {{snapshot_id}} {{storage_url}}

  • Prune a specific revision of snapshot:

duplicacy prune -r {{revision}}

  • Prune revisions, keeping one revision every n days for all revisions older than m days:

duplicacy prune -keep {{n:m}}